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My Calabash of Palmwine: Message from the gods

I enjoy it when it is in a calabash

I need few coins, not hundreds of cash

The colour is white, don't confuse it with ash

The palm wine seller and the drinker are friends

They can chat till the day ends

Love, humour and caring are their communication trend

The flavour is the drinker's "quench"

The scent is the seller's stench

In unity, they sit on one bench

Yesterday I had a message from the gods

They spoke through their high priest, I had to respond "Boss"

They are angry 'cos we have breached their constitution

They want to know why we use Schnapp for libation

To them Schnapp is too bitter

But palm wine is much sweeter

by Kingsley Ofosu Ntiri

 Posted by: Kingsley Ofosu Ntiri

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