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Libation for Guidance

The gods are wise, so is our ancestral vision
When a duck stands suspended on one leg
it is not for the denial of its being a biped
but it is for the probable day of amputation
when the king orders all to stand on one feet

may the libations of our ancestors of ages past
turn into beckoning whispers in the darkest void
to lead as kindly light amid the encircling gloom
may our mourning at dawn turn to joy at sunset
and may our prodding fingers not sour the honey
nurtured unseen in apt hives by nature in secret

I pour this libation on the threshold of a new history
may our new offerings be not only congratulations
but as roadmaps to sail through uncharted course
as we haul our very first oil that may end our toil
to turn our groans, tears into libation of guidance
that begets a stubborn curse into newborn blessing
as we join the world producers of oil to end our toil.

by Dela Bobobee

 Posted by:  Dela Bobobee

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