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For a moment there, I lost my breath,
silence engulfed me
and the only sound was the beat of my heart,
i was lost to the motion around me…
except to the blood which raced within my veins,
the heat of the sun upon me
was nowhere compared to
the heat coming from inside me,
i could see nothing but her.
I could not move…
for I was as rigid as a tree,
my legs failed me,
my mouth was an open window upon my face,
words were alien to my tongue,
and all I could do was stare…
stare at the fineness of her hair,
the delicacy of her skin,
the swell of her breast,
the beauty of her face,
for her eyes were diamonds upon her face,
thin lips adorned with pink,
the smallest ears graced with jewels
she has the finest feet
enclosed in the softest of slippers…
My mind was dazed with the
fragrance from her being…
for she smells like a flower,
a complexion so fair and beautiful…
and that was my undoing…
a lady with the perfect profile
with curves in all the right places…
A moment she was there,
the next she was gone…
and I felt cold…
the warmth in me dissipated…
i sensed chaos around me, nay,
motions, humans…
and air left my lung with a gash…
only then did I realized that
my breath stopped when I saw her…
for i was completely at her mercy.

by Bright Herman Agbewu

 Posted by: Bright Herman Agbewu

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