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Why did i?

Got my bags packed,ready to run away from your love.
Well,thats a fact.
I have to try to live without you.
My lifes a mess.
When i call you don't pick up the phone.
Why did i hang on so long?

Gotta look away,my heartbeat still telling me to stay.
How could this be when i know you're all i need.
Why this pain? wherever i turn,i hear you're your name.
It is my heart that you claim.

Why did i ever love you,
when you never loved me back?
How could i hurt so much.
Why did i freeze at the sight of your eyes?
I don't know,i think its time to let go.
Why did i?
Why did i?

I don't know, i think its time to let go.
Why did i?

by Cassidy Tetteh

 Posted by: Cassidy Tetteh

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