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more than friendship

My life was empty,before you filled it;
But why did we ever meet if you're not here to stay?
You are an amazing blessing that i don't deserve;
And you bring this light into my life;
but in a split second you come and take it all away.

Why did i ever say that we were 'just friends';
when both of us felt so much more?
Why did i ever let nerves get in the way of the truth?
I guess i was waiting for the so called'right time';
But now i know that time doesn't come until we make it.

Now we have to be apart,how can fate be so cruel?
I know it is love that i feel...i never knew this could happen to me.
Take this as a test to prove our love and it's strength;
Because no two people meet by mistake.

by Cassidy Tetteh

 Posted by: cassidy Tetteh


kofi dela | 6/4/2010 6:04:41 PM

nice poem i have really enjoyed it

cassidy | 6/12/2010 9:03:27 PM



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