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Pupils, wat am i doin?

There was a clasrom tr who was fond of slepin durin instructional time.1 afternon,de circuit supervisor(cs) visited de sch n found de tr sleepin n de chren talkin. He stood @ de doorway.Afta satisfyin himself wit slep,de tr raised his head frm de table n saw de cs.Quickly,he asked, 'chren,wat was i doin?'. De chren replied,'u were slepin'.Then,de tr shouted,'clap 4 urselves'. '',de chren clapped thier hands.He then asked the chren 2 demonstrate
how 2 slep on a table n all de chren put thier heads on de table.De cs watched de scene motionlessly n asked 2 see the
nxt day.


 Posted by: adamasko-university of education,winneba


Elyn | 6/14/2010 1:56:39 AM

I gues he was tired 4rm stay'n up late 2 prepare his lesson notes.

douglas | 1/15/2011 10:54:53 PM

the teacher is very smart. I like the joke


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