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master creator

Across the globe,
Exist men from all calling,
Who squeeze their sweat,
To create things with their skills,
For which some have been christened,
As great inventors,
But they themselves were made by You
To possess just a fragment,
Of Your divine artistic skills,
That is leveled above every art,

Your artwork is perfect,
Your timely creation of things is unique,
When I behold the natural furnace,
That blaze daily to give light,
And the millions of other stars,
That brighten to shine my way,
One of which that lead,
The wise men to the Messiah,
And the greatest of streams,
With all that is in it,
Her volume is constant,
The tides alone is beautiful,
You made the sky for the ravens,
The land for the creatures,
With the universal father's dominion over all,
Even this priceless gift for him,
Was made at good your time,
To be his companion forever,
Through a scientific principle,
That man has exploited to heal.

by prince kwesi otabil

 Posted by: cephas pobi

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