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Flowers Speak of Pain (Updated)

The Flowers Speak of Pain
You came with a daisy
Only to make me daze
A sunflower
Just to blind and deflower
A rose
Just to rise out of love
A lily
Just to lie and leave
And a violet
Just to veneer and violate
Oh! Jasmine
Were you not just mine?
Oh! Daffodils
Guess daffs have no deals

Flower, you speak of pain
Flower, you leak to stain
Flower, you seek to gain
Flower, you walk the lane

Flower, lesson well learned
Flower, your love hot burned
You left me at the tower
You left with no drop of shower

by adjei agyei-baah

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tina | 2/1/2012 4:28:16 PM

this is a master piece thumps up i luv it.


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