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Without you oh Lord in my life, i would have been a fool.
A fool always thinks he is the best .
The thing to know is you, Oh Lord.
What can a man do without you?
Knowledge,wisdom,understanding and intelligence belongs
to you.
The one who survive in life,is the one who diligently seeks you.(Heb.11:6)
Who says he can face the challenges in life without you.
Life challenges include poverty,diseases,disabilities,instability in
marriage and other countless challenges.
God, in your own wisdom,you send your son(christ Jesus) to bring
peace so that the devil will not get chance to cut us into pieces.
Lord, you rain your peace unto all nation.
From generation to generation your peace will still exist.
Who can insist you and exist?
In the mist of troubles,trials and temptations,you are there to resist.

I cannot take life's decisions without you oh Lord.
The decision for me to choose a job or a life partner,will all depend on you Oh Lord.
You are the shaper and finisher of my faith:the strong tower and
might shield whom I found my strength.

Lord, life without you is just like cooking food without putting salt
in it;It becomes tasteless.
Or a car without a petrol/disel.It cannot move.
Meaning without you, i cannot move;neither can taste sweet to the

Without ,you OH Lord, my soul feels so sad,dishearted, downhearted,disturbed,unstable and uncomfortable.
What my seeks is joy,happiness,peace,enjoyment,excitement, blissfullness and comfort.For my soul to achieve all these things aforementioned,how can i live without you?


 Posted by: EDDIE BLAIR

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