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A cripple and the Satan

Ok so there was this guy who's dad had beef with his neighbor. One day the guy told his dad he wanna open a church and the dad put up a tent at the back of this neighbor he is beefing with. So every night the guy and his congregation will be hopping and jumping disturbing singing we step on Satan disturbing his fathers foe.The man who didn't take that kindly decided to punish the guy so one night he dress as Satan, went and hide in the church. So it came to pass when the guy and his congregation were singing the same song, we step on you Satan and all of a sudden the man dressed as Satan appeared and all everybody jet. But unluckily for this cripple he couldn't run, so he started begging for mercy and the Satan ask how can you step on Satan if you cannot even jump and the guy was like no I just came to support and the Satan was like either you came to support or not you going to Hell with me tonite.


 Posted by: iArrested

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