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Love oh!love, i wish to hunt for you as long as i live.
Love looked at me when all was blue!.
In the ever bright eyes of love i found a home,
so beautiful and adoring ,love kissed me and made me forget my woes.
Iknew i was not the same , and rest was more sweet that day.
Yes that day when i met love . Oh love! touch me more
and softly and i will always bask in your presence
Love oh love always bring me a reminder of that day,
For now i will look into your eyes until you touch me once more
And if you do, i will come back every single day.
But please never tell me to leave becauce i am addicted to your presence
And i will die if you touch me no more.
Touch me love , love touch me.

by stephen victor cobbina

 Posted by: stephen victor cobbina


adjei agyei baah | 8/6/2009 8:06:24 AM

Love brings pains
love brings gains.

But if love turns a flea
Bon't hesitate to let it flee.

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abigail addae | 3/1/2010 9:15:29 AM

love is very sweet and enjoying if we are loved back. love we say is blind, if we are in love with someone we see the perso as the handsome or beautiful person in the world but if love leaves us we the fellow as nobody. thats what love can do


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