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The Floods: Times We Dread

This is just some news in verse
All the news
That gets you to muse.

At present the rains and floods make the issue.
But the past holds back several other stacks.
Thus into time, a quick dash back

First, back in Kumasi,
After the fire,
They raised some stalls
'Cos they felt government was stalling.

Out of those ashes a lot has evolved,
Including platforms for 2012.

When the Patriots talked about getting binned,
And their reputations, trashed,
By the Bin. eN. aI.,
Sensei Lee made it clear enough,
That there would be no pampering.

That day, in different prints though,
He made headline news with Muntaka.

Muntaka, whose “boys” are on rampage
Causing havoc in their rage -
The office siege, demonstrations and resignations.
Are these the actions of renegades?

Will the Prez offer another appointment,
To placate the disappointed?

When the rains came,
Followed by the floods.
For government , here was another load.
Some carpets of tar got stripped off the road.
And places of refuge
Got hit by the deluge.
And many a morning
Has had to be met with mourning.

Have you noticed, how by the floods
It gets proven what fools, some are?
Houses in waterways et al.

With the issue of permits,
I somehow assume there are issues
'Cos of some with hair permed,
And others with big purses

Methinks I can hear Prez Mills sigh
As he sees the bills pile high.

He's got too many a thought
That I believe he turns listlessly in his cot,
And now all this rot.
Prez, please push some to the court.

Tis good it rains.
The probability for a good harvest is high.

Are we going to bless God for the food,
But blame Him for the flood,
When it is the same rain?

Tis good it rains.
Besides the food,
There will be water in the Dam.
For if electricity has to be rationed.
The Prez will be damned.

Honestly, for him I do pray.
His work is not easy,
And I don't want Ghana to stray.
Oh! These rains.
This is a season we've come to dread
The number dead
And the many who cry,
Should tell you why.

But as it rains
I wait to see,
If some platforms will come up again,
As some quickly teleport to 2012.

I wait to see what gestures there will be,
By the man with cash
And the man called Cash.

Note this:
When the rains come,
And you hear the talk of choked drains,
Just know that the problem is not just the rains.
It's also got to do with brains.

by Isaac Karikari ([email protected])

 Posted by: Isaac Karikari

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