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A Look At The Endless Sea

A look at the endless sea
And what do I see
I see eternity
I see creation
I see from the far end
The meeting of the clouds
And the blue reflection of the waters
I see the vigor with which
The waters splash the shore
But can not tell the force behind
I see birds in swift flight
Attempting to catch their prey
At the far away waters
I see those boats
As minute as milk tins afloat
I hear the rumbling and tumbling
Of the turbulent waves
As they echo in euphony
Crum, prum, crum, prum
Like a whisper in my ear
As the lightning above
And the sudden tranquility
And who said water and light differ
I stand in amazement and wonderment
A look at the endless sea
And what do I see
I see God

by Reginald Asangba Taluah

 Posted by: Richard Duodu

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