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poetic recital

I tell it to the old
I tell it to the young
I tell it to mould
hearts we all long

I tell it to white
I tell it to black
I tell it to ignite
feelings to spark

I tell it to men
I tell it to women
Itell it to the core
to invoke their feelings to the fore

I tell it to the poor
I tell it to the rich
Itell it on the floor
with words carved to bewitch

I tell it long
I tell it short
I tell it to prolong
issues in wisdom pot

I tell it to the elite
I tell it to the ordinary
I tell it to emphasize social wrongs
to correct and not to prolong

I tell all these in poetry with ease
with a uniqueness of oratory to please
minds with tension to release
so i tell it all round.

by Nana Jabuu Agyemang

 Posted by: Nana Jabuu Agyemang


simon | 3/18/2009 8:37:44 PM

i love the work. it's simple to read and understand.

adjei agyei-baah | 8/6/2009 8:15:12 AM

have heard you recite many times but could cappture most of the lines.But now that i have it all,i will say it is impressive.Hope it will one day find it way into the mouths of our kids as a rhyme.


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