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Showers of Struggle

A fetus into a child
A child into a chap
And a chap into a man
Now weaned to win

As a child everything
I enjoyed sweet free
Without paying no fee

Now as a man on the run
Stress has become my dress
And sleep no longer sweet deep
As clock sit awake to give a beep
For the delightful days of manna falling is now over
And every demand now comes in at a command

But comfort I do find in my favorite hymn:
There shall be showers of blessing……..
But I still wonder how I can get my due share
If I fail to step into the rains.

©Adjei Agyei-Baah
2008 All Right Reserved

by adjei agyei-baah

 Posted by: [email protected]


kingsley | 2/25/2010 3:53:47 PM

nice work of art with particular attention to the rhyming.:-)(L)


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