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This Heart Of Mine

Wish I could unplug
This broken heart of mine
And cease it from this incessant throb of pain
Wish I could take my heart back to God for repairs
And keep it away from the eyes of lustful men
Who had many times stolen it away
Wish I could trade this tortured heart of mine for a baby's
This heart now loaded with thorns and broken glasses
Giving nothing but endless piercing and bleeding
Wish I could mend this devastated heart of mine
And make all the once broken cords vibrate again
And have a heart filled with true love, laughter and a little lie.

by Adjei Agyei-Baah

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quot-img-1"Aduane a wo noa a ebeyheno wope a na ebehye". - Be responsible in life, both choice and the gift.

By: Kwasi Asante quot-img-1