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A Moment Of Truth For Africa. By Rev P Addo

A Moment Of Truth For Kenya And Africa..By P E Adotey Addo
by Peter E Adotey Addo
The violence that rocked the world
Reached horrific levels resulting everywhere
With loss of children, women, and men for days
Burned in a church as they were seeking sanctuary
And sanctuary was denied
In flames by mobs infuriated by votes.
The innocent victims faced their rage
Seeking help from locked doors and homes ending
As charred bodies and trash in the once silent streets
No water from kinfolks and no food from neighbors
With nothing gained to be sure.
Only we can save ourselves from this rage

Dedicated to those who lost their lives in the post Election Riots, Jan .2008

The Ananse Chronicles

by Rev P E Adotey Addo

 Posted by: rev P E Adotey Addo

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