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Realities of love

The time has come to let others
know the secrets of this world.
That the world in which we live
is full of troubles and full of unknowns.
that no matter how bright it may look on the outside
there exists in the inside of man, an iota of darkness.

The number of times we struggle through life,
The number of times we try to make it work,
Things sometimes end up the other way round.
Hope my life can be better and nice
Without going through the hardships of life

Overcome whatever might be a bother to you
Never live carrying your problems
Try to always reach for the top
For true happiness can only be accomplished
When you start and complete your Godly task.

Amoabeng Kwame Aniagyei.

by Amoabeng kwame Aniagyei

 Posted by: Amoabeng kwame Aniagyei


eve | 1/8/2009 4:26:11 PM

(F)(W)(G)(L) h3y i luv this poem! keep writin more poem luv it


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