FEATURED: Some Rare Descendants Of Ab-Ram Living In Ghana...




A man and his wife are getting ready to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with their family. He puts on his suit and calls to her, "Honey, where are the handkerchiefs?". "In the top drawer," she replies. He opens the drawer and is surprised to see 3 eggs and a pile of dollar bills. "Honey," he calls, "why are there 3 eggs in the drawer?". "Oh my God," she cries, "I didn't want you to see them. I must confess, though I was a good wife to you, sometimes I strayed with other men, and then I bought an egg and put it there to remind me of my sin." He is very angry, then he thinks, well, I strayed a few times myself. "Never mind, love," he says. "You were a good wife to me, it doesn't matter. What about those dollar bills though?". "Oh," she replies, "every time I get six eggs I sell them."


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