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public ugliness is a crime.

one rainy day a woman gave birth to a boy and when she saw how ugly the boy was, she dumped him in the orphanage. when he grew up, he was uglier than when he was a baby and so the orphanage threw him out because of his ugliness. he was walking along the road one day thinking of his ugliness when he got hit by a "just married" couple. they wanted to help him to the hospital when the wife said, "honey, this dude is so uglyhe scares me". the husband says "me too". so they left him and he died. hwen he was on his way to heaven, the angel at the gate saw him and locked the gate, ran inside and said"God, that ugly man u created is dead and he''s coming". God said "wat the hell, go lock the back gate". the dude waited outside and he couldn''t get in because no one died in 3 days so he decided to go to hell. wen the demons saw him they did the same thing the angel did and then satan said, "let me even see how ugly he is" when he opened the security lock and saw him, he shouted "BLOOD OF JESUS!!". then he threw out gas and a lighter adn told the man, go burn yourself somewhere else. you''re too ugly to be in here.


 Posted by: deelishis


simone | 3/26/2007 5:03:52 PM

:( this is a very,very,very funny joke it left me and my family in stitches.

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