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never got say good-bye

I wake at night thinkin youre right next to me,But I forget thatll never happen again.I sit by the phone waiting for you to call,But I know thatll never happen.Nights I sit and cry wondering why god couldnt have taken me instead.Why on earth did he have to take you away from me.Without giving me a chance to say good-bye.Never would I have imagined you being taken away at the blink of an eye.Never did I imagine losing you this way,Cause I never got to say good-bye until it was too late.

by Stormy(everymanfantasy)

 Posted by: Everymanfantasy


sam | 6/29/2008 5:49:41 AM

aww sad sad... :-(

Sandy | 11/28/2008 10:13:22 PM

omg dis is soo soo sweet

dis poem really makes me wanna cry...
i luv it(L)


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