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Because Of Your Love

There is a magical moment when two fall in love
Something happens that simply can''t be explained
Everything is seen as if it is the first time
One''s senses become so much sharper
Where the days once just added to the next
There is now a special feeling within each one
The darkest night allows smiles to light the way
Tender kisses bring words heard by no other
Falling in love is the greatest feeling of them all
For this brings happiness beyond description
Allowing hearts to speak a language only lovers know
Whispers heard with neither saying a word
Each song is a special song to never be forgot
The rain showers never reach these lovers
As they are busy following their rainbow
Riding the most wonderful waves of love
This is how my life has become since we fell in love
And this is how I pray this life stays
We have so much more to see ahead of us
All made possible because of your love
Happy Birthday

by JulieJuo

 Posted by: JulieJuo Boamah

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