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Stargazing In His Eyes

I gaze into this blanket of diamonds

that reigns overhead.

The seemingly tiny particles of wonder

capture my attention.

My world seems to pause in intimate awe

paying my respects to stars who gave aid.

From the corner of my eye

I view a momentary image of true beauty.

A falling star, a promise of bliss,

a reflection of utopia.

I may not have known of this lonesome star,

yet it longs for my gaze.

And its only action to capture my eyes

is to fall away into oblivion.

Ceasing to glow yet etching a mark

on the lives of those who dream.

As I gaze up above,

I feel insignificant, microscopic, trivial.

Am I alone in this world

that hangs under this painting?

Infinity is incomprehensible

and as I am finite how can I have meaning?

A squeeze of my hand brings me back

to this refuge where I lay looking up.

I glance to my side and his smile

warms my heart and tickles my soul.

Viewing back and forth from the stars

to his gaze I begin to see.

I begin to comprehend this existence

that hangs beneath the constellations.

I have discovered a love incomprehensible

that surpasses forever.

I come upon true realization

that my life would not be the same

without his beautiful eyes to match the stars.

- Jessica Olsen -


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