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Field Of Dreams

While walking through a field today,

I tripped upon a rock of gray,

then struck my head upon that stone

where I blacked out there all alone.

A dream soon took me to a place,

a crisp clear vision of your face,

your blue eyes shined their loving glow,

your golden hair was let to flow

upon bare shoulders naturally,

as it cascaded down on me.

You placed a soft hand to my face,

which caused my heart to pound and race.

You brought your breath so close to mine,

then whispered only one small line.

You said... "I Love You.. yes I do,

I'll always be here just for you".

That forced my dreaming eyes to tear,

for suddenly I had no fear.

No fear of ever losing you,

the one I've searched for my life through.

The one so lovely, warm, and kind,

the one I thought I'd never find.

I tried to force my lips to move,

to say the words so I could prove,

that all held feelings deep inside,

are feelings that I cannot hide.

But words don't come so easily,

while deep within a dream you see,

although I tried so desperately

to tell you what you mean to me.

I failed for I just could not talk,

that darned old stupid blackened rock!

Then suddenly as I came to,

a real world ended dreams of you,

as birds were singing up above,

to wake me from this dream of love.

So there I was, standing tall,

my head still clearing from the fall,

oh please just let me fall again,

return me back to where I'd been!

Back to you within that dream,

as crazy as that just may seem.

Then suddenly I realized,

and thought of you as I surmised,

that I don't need a dream to see...

I have you in reality!

Though haunting as it truly seems,

we all do need our "Field of Dreams"

They let our minds believe our hearts,

and tie us closer to the parts.

The parts which all too rarely seem...

are captured in a loving dream.

- John Tucker -


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