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Bewitching Snow

It's crazy how bewitching it is tonight

Everything's frosted and still

The whole world is holding its breath

As we crunch through the softness

Hand in hand.

The purple-grey sky is a blanket

and the world sleeps underneath

with sugar-plum branches

and sugar-snow icing

that frosts everything


The powdered ice-sugar

sifts down

catching my eyelashes as I look up

the air turns your breath to frost as you lean in

and your hand is warm in mine.

It's crazy how bewitching you are tonight

As we lay here so close and so still

I feel your touch and I'm holding my breath

As we look to the future

Hand in hand.

Tangled here in this blanket

wrapped tight in your arms underneath.

The touch of your skin

the scent of your breath

suddenly everything's


Your soft lips

graze mine

catching my eyelashes as I look down

the night dances with our breath as we lean in

and your heart is warm next to mine.

- Gina Giacopuzzi -


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