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She's Walking Down The Aisle

She's walking down the aisle

With a smile as pure as honey

A gust of wind as smooth as silk

A glimmer of hope

A ray of light.

She's walking down the aisle

With lovely clothes of crimson red

A look of a saintly figure

A voice of an angel

A silent whisper.

She's walking down the aisle

With eyes as deep as the sea

A song of the morning bird

A divine vision

A picture of paradise.

She's walking down the aisle

Like clouds floating in the sky

Like an angel ascending from heaven

Like a drop of rain in the desert

Like a promise never broken.

She walks down the aisle.

She asks me a question.

I have no words to answer.

And time stands still...

- Sikandar Razzaq Bughio -


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