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The Jewel

A gift given at the first sign of life Brings about joy, brings about great strife Given to me as it would to any other, The ability to produce another. No appreciation, Temptations to destroy this beautiful creation Absolutely no dedication to this innovation Losing sight of this innate beauty Nothing but shame upon you for losing this booty* The jewel, the ability to procreate a new rule Different from my peers Refusing to lose sight This beautiful gift that emits my angelic light Without this angelic light I have lost my sight Becoming a statistic, putting my self at risk Missed, opportunities that were once open to the endless abyss The jewel, the ability to procreate a new rule I have no plans to lose my angelic light. When the time is right, I shall lay down my fighting knight this shall only happen on my wedding night. My jewel, my ability to procreate a new rule *booty: goods or money obtained illegally

by Dede

 Posted by: Dede


Naa Merley Jami | 2/18/2012 1:28:44 AM

Your beautifully crafted poem brought tears to my eyes. I love the metaphorical meaning of it. It is pretty deep--- our virginity is indeed our jewel!


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