A Poem For June 4 Revolution Heroes

In the dawn of a nation's cry,

When shadows loomed and hearts sighed high,

Rose a son from Volta's shore,

Jerry Rawlings, the people's roar.


With justice bright as morning sun,

He led the charge, the fight begun,

Against corruption's iron hold,

A tale of courage, fierce and bold.


The June 4 Revolution's flame,

Lit by Rawlings' noble name,

Swept through valleys, mountains tall,

Demanding equity for all.


In Volta's heart, his spirit thrives,

Inspiring dreams, igniting lives,

A beacon in the darkest night,

Guiding us with steadfast light.


We honor those who took the stand,

With Rawlings' vision in their hand,

Brave soldiers, men of iron will,

Their legacy, we cherish still.


On this day, we pause, reflect,

Their sacrifice, we must protect,

For in their fight, we find our way,

Towards a brighter, juster day.


Oh Ghana, let his spirit soar,

Embrace his values, evermore,

For justice, truth, and equity,

Uphold his legacy, be free.


As we remember, hearts unite,

In Rawlings' name, we see the light,

Together, we will build and strive,

To keep his revolutionary dream alive.


By Delanyo Agbe

Follower of Jerry  John Rawlings


Author: Delanyo Agbe Ii Contributor

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