A Poem For Hannah: Sweet Angel

Today is your birthday
A remembrance of what will never be forgotten
I'm here mourning again without volition
I strive to outdo myself in your honour
I will make you proud
I already did and I will do in essence
There is much meaning to our love
And memories of you created are in my heart

Dead woman in my living room
Who won't cry for losing you?
In clasping your heart I lost it
Manku always asks, "Waterz, where is mummy?"
Pumaya is dead and Manku is screaming, "Waterz, don't let him die"...
Through you my battles are vanquished
Memories of solace and afflictions
Time just disappeared with a long distance
Whose food am I eating for dinner?

I sober each time I reminisce our love which is volitional
What am I to say or do again? 
The scars won't heal forever
My eyes too dehydrated to cry tears
My mouth in constant shivers to tell lies
My voice shakes in a loud silence
In all I summon courage to live
I examine other beauties but none has your heart
I'm not single since I still have you

Life is a mist and...
The wounds from your journey are still open
Like a soured broth laced with sorrows and tears
Yet I'm strut with the idea of your renaissance
Your name will never stop blazing
Because you have me but who do they have?
Your memory is eternal

#WaterzYidana #Writer #Author #Activist....

Author: Yidana Waterz

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