In Memory Of A Soul That Lives Solely In Our Soul

Ama Ata Aidoo

For the eighty-one years of your life, I thank the capital 'G' God

    for giving you as our African literary god.


Who am I, an amateur poet of poor grammar

to write a tribute for an icon of African drama?

so elusive is it to write a threnody

for a literary luminary of artistic anthology.

When I think of how african Literature you did parachute

then am sorry for penning this my sour rhyme as your tribute.

Dr. Ennin, kindly borrow me thy poetic pen

that I may pen for one who had birthed literary works beyond ten

For years you anchored the voiceless

your empty pages were rented freely to the helpless

You carried the flag of African Literature high

your demise darkens our darkened sky.

The lines of your life erases today

but the life of your literary lines will forever lead our way

You gave your all

towards your literary call

though today your physical body fall

your literary legacy will forever be written on the wall.

We thought your ideas, we will each day hear

but you did remind us, No Sweetness Here

Fare thee well, a novelist of international recognition

we shall tell posterity of your rendition.



Author: Ama Ata Aidoo

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