Nana Frema Busia: Rather Serious Ghana Blues

Asafo Yehowa, Dear God
Bueei Ghana is in a financial Ditch
Until she gets an IMF Dish
They have all but finished our Fish
Aoo, Awurade Kasa wai, Lord Speak out loud into this avoidable Tilt
"Asem no aye huhushious"
With a March 2023 deadline missing shift there is a Hiss
National taxation set sail to Sift
It is a dreary heavy Drill on our monetary Till
We cannot just tightly Sit
In a stink sink Ship
And watch the Pirates scheme and wink and link their political ilk to milk and finish the national heirloom with the ink in their tin without thinking as they do their thing.! Ouch,
All has been Fake?
Begging all over the Place
Priorities out of Date
They eat designer Cake
Politicians on the Take
As they Hail and Tailgate
Colonizers uphill to Rake
They say it's a prisoners Bail
Ghana has such an all over belly Ache that needs medicinal Ale
What is our Fate?
For pity's Sake
When shall we Awake
We need divine Lift
To be Fit
Is this not It?
Ohene mu hene; King of Kings It is time for you to now Act.
Jehovah Yedawoase.

Author: Nana Frema Busia

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