@ Nana Frema Busia: Happy Easter

When I'm weary and wired 

I do not take a hike or hide

I write ....! The tide to ride

The WORD gives light

 To sustain 

 The soul of life to maintain


The rhythmic sound shall not Rebound

Our birthing shall not only be earth bound

We shall not be maimed by our ultimate Aim

Nor our vibrating mirth the gate Irate

Our joyous end must not Wane

We shall reject pain on our Plain

In this eternal Game

The WORD reigns 


We shall not Compete to be Complete

We are replete with a worthy Mission

Our journey vision is towards Truth 

The voice of our Troop 

shall make heaven reverberate at its Roots

 We shall sing Tunes 

With melodious Hues 

Ricochet woes shall not be heard on High

We shall no more Sigh

On streets of pure gold we shall walk and talk in Sync

We shall never be Old or Cold

In endless praise we shall Sing

Until our joy is Full

Our Souls Fulfilled

EnTrapped by limitless larGess 

that is New

This is no Guess

It is a BeQuest

 Enveloped once more by the AgeLess


That created the World

As we Grace Tap to Renew


When I'm stressed and overstretched 

I do not ere or Fret

My default mode is an Ode

I WRITE : ...Mould the creative Flow

The WORD: which Makes me Know

My end is not a Tomb

I remain in the Womb


STILL.... ...



 Hallelujah; Christ is Risen.



Copyright: March 27, 2023


Email: busiafordemocracy@

Author: Nana Frema Busia

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