Nana Frema Busia: Impeach Akufo-Addo?

Is any President bigger than the Constitution?
That he shall not do Restitution?
Should we then not have a Substitution?

Ghana is desperately ILL
What prescription should she FILL
In order to be wholly Healed
Why Should the President not  be Impeached?

He should tell us Why?

He has definately Strayed
Become so Estranged
Thinking he has achieved Fame
Burdening our financial Plain
Living high in luxury Planes
Playing Wanton Games
Without National AIM
Making Ghana Lame

Tis no time to be Tame
Even his Cathedral is a Drain
Why should he Stay?

He must Simply Explain:

Why kenneth Ofori- Attah
His solo Finance Minister
whose tiered numbers are Tired
Gets  further  weeks.

Is it To cook the Books?
Cover up the Nooks?
Shore up tax haven Accounts ?
Protect myriad Misdeeds?
After He has made us  Weak
With serial foreign Deals
And Riches beyond our Reach
From  bond  market Tweaks
And serial borrowing Treks
With his  IMF denial on Fire
Should NOT NOW Retire 

In the upcoming Speech
Mr President should not be Free
To Falsify Any Facts
We have seen Their ACTS
We are Sick of Political Rats
Who feed on Ghana to get Fat

This is where we have reached
We Await his Survival Speech!
 Is it NOT too late to Succeed?

We will not Ratify more Rot
His fickle MPs are in a Riot
While H.E .Nana Akufo-Addo
Is Without much To Do
He keeps  getting booed 
Because He does not Satisfy
He must tell us Why?
After Havoc Wreaked
He must not be Impeached
So that we can Reach 
Our Constitutional Peak
For our Democracy not to Leak

Copyright Oct 29 2022

Author: Nana Frema Busia

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