Mother Ghana

Mother Ghana
Your spirit is wailing
Echoing love and aspirations
Entrench with tales and forktales
Remembering the allegiance of our patriots
And celebrating the days of old
On this day, we hail your motherhood
The birds are cheeping your serenity and tranquility

Mother Ghana!
How fruitful you are.
That your green lands are always alive.
Your riches are inexhaustible.
As the minerals are there in your belly.
You made us very proud beyond Africa.

Mother Ghana!
Peace is your language
You gathered us as one
To remember this day of your life
Our independence

we celebrate our faithful departed
Our patriot of heart
Who sacrificed for freedom
Shed their blood for justice
And Cleavage the land for peace

Mother Ghana!
Our diversity in culture
The black of our African beauty
The intelligence of your craft work
We pledge to uphold and defend you
Bold to defend you

Hail o mother Ghana
We raise high the flag
The hope our country
To all who thirst for liberty
Gratify in our heart to say
Happy birthday mother Ghana
Thank You

~George Dotse

Author: George Dotse


George Dotse | 3/5/2022 9:51:03 PM

Happ birthday Ghana


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