The Price We Pay

It is not new that lovely animals have bitter biles
A wonderful place for devils and demons to dine
And with the horrible scream of sheep they abide
Because the lamb's destiny was placed on a dice

With lots of judgement in the gallery are there files
And with the past forgotten, there must be fines
Because of the incompetence of our few guides
Creeping out of our fur are the evil lice

We jump waves, storms and distances for miles
In deep terror slowing moving along enemy lines
Sad knowing with wolves there's nowhere to hide
To the hungry cat, we are the delicious mice

Once cool water, now red blood in the lovely Nile
The warrior will always laugh because she is never mine
With shame and humility, we foresee their pride
We being in their shoes would be nice

I see my fallen friends as sardines in piles
Of all the decay, I can vividly remember only nine
Since the camels are too slow, the horses still ride
These memories are more than enough but the pain taught us the price

Author: Obimpeh Emmanuel Kwame

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