Is educational really the key to success?

Is education really the key to success?

Education is the key to success
This we were made to profess
Knowing not we were in for distress
In a nation with leaders so heartless
Thus we jumped aboard the ship of progress
Riding on with great prospects
Only to find ourselves in big mess
After reaching the shore grotesque
And left to wonder hopeless
Education is the key to success
But this no one ever confessed:
That success in this nation is complex
And that the key to making it simplex
Remains hidden in a few pockets
So we grope out here in darkness
Climbing success' ladder in distress
Only to reach the top hopeless
As we join the queue of the numerous jobless
So we wonder whether our dreams were worthless
Or it is education that makes the youth useless
Or it is the system that is just heartless

Author: Christian Foli

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