Tame Me

In that order, feel what you feel
I am clearing up nothing, just me

Seen the hate because of my news
Get to know me again
I am up this time of the night

I made up your mind, I needed it
To tighten up
I am big on respect, don't play with me

Disagreements yes, disrespect no
I did more with less so you loathe

The bricks thrown at me, I stand on
They bounced me against the wall
I stand on the wall
Out of my hand, free from my mind

My heart is healing, my tears are drying
For my growth, I cut off dead ends
I grow and shed dead leaves

A hard sacrifice
Lost the privilege to talk to me
Can only talk about me
How can you tame me, then just kill me

By Waterz Yidana 

Author: Waterz Yidana -Playwright/poet

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