My Fears

1. Another day dawns, and I am in disarray Will I find my purpose or keep losing my way? It was never my intention to be so lost To have my dreams in limbo, in hardened frost Time has dealt me a heavy hand And fate gave me to an accursed land Where greed and envy rule the day Even night brings darkness and death to play Who am I to tell what number of years I must continue to face these hovering fears

2. I do not believe in succumbing to evil when it seems to rule I do not pertain to know all that exists, I'd be a fool But the existence of dark minded rulers enshrouds the continent This could only lead to our doom, this is quite evident In all this, I am expected to keep calm and not lose my head Even though I am in constant struggle for my daily bread Bah, enough of my helpless take on this accursed way of life I will do what I can to bring an end to the raging strife For though I cannot reverse the errors of the past years I must use their lessons to obliterate my ever-present fears

Author: George Nortey

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