Not A Believer

You’re not a Believer if you’re more bent on ridiculing and judging non believers.

You’re not a Believer if all you do is to rebuke but not impact wrong doers.

See, you’re not a Believer if you see a fellow as a brother but condemn others with same agenda.

You’re not a Muslim if you ever call others useless but your contribution in the society is meaningless.

You’re not a Christian if you have a problem with your neighbor but still call Jesus your Savior.

You’re not a Muslim if you refuse to perform Sadaq but watch the needy go through tragedy.

You’re not a Christian if you walk in darkness but still call God the light of the world.

You’re not a Believer if you preach about grace but your attitude tells more about race.


You might just be confused….


You’re probably the product of a faulty fellowship in a society you should have never been into.

You’re just blocking your mental vision instead of the sole quest to propagate God’s mission.

You’re probably religiously blindfolded who is yet to experience the light of God.

You have so much acrimony for non-believers which you hide under the sheets of Religion.


Trust me, you ain’t a Believer. 

You’re lost and needs Salvation.


You need to be saved from deceit and unnecessary indoctrination.

For until you’re saved, you’ll vainly bleed than your Savior at Calvary.

You have to wipe those blood of your toxic mentality, and then, you can learn to save others.

You have to loose that antipathy for others and know that God isn’t only for your affiliation.

After this, you’ll come to accept everyone as the image of God.

You’ll then know the true task of of being a Believer, which is; 

Sharing practical love that goes beyond denominational doctrines.

Maybe then, will you realize that you were never a true Believer after all.


-Nana Adarkwa

Author: Nana Adarkwa

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