Before The Law

The politicians took our taxes

Our own money became theirs

They spent it autonomously 

Then came gagging us to shush 


We signed to their oafish terms

Maybe to appear very judicious

They still went more avaricious

Surged in a sugary dereliction   


While chaos brew to the brim

And our land turns bloody

They paw, yawn, and snore

So ambivalent about their duties 


Seeing power nagging at us

We feared our lives are ending

Silence isn’t our way of life too

Thus we took our ancestors’ way


Enough of politicians ruffling us

We put off the muzzle masks

That, we’ll stand for our rights

After all we can’t harm any fly


They then opened the gas chamber

Those Adolf Hitler’s descendants 

That’s all they do on the throne

But those clapping for them, why?


By Yours Only,

Abdul Rahman Odoi 

(@Big Odoi)

All Rights Reserved. 2021

Author: Abdul Rahman Odoi 

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