Man of honour

You have an awesome manliness that stands with us
That your voice, hey!, that you use to ward us
It's great to be a dad and a director
Sometimes your seriousness makes you a joker

We fought sometimes, we never understood each other
I miss the nice pasts, a great moment to demand another
But some say fatherhood is a heavy burden
O No, fatherhood is great opportunity
Many have testified it's a good community

Sometimes you run, you chase, you fake and you bait
Other times, you plan, you make, you date and you wait
Never forget the plays, the jokes, the cakes and faith
Being a father is a great feeling
There is nothing to write again
Than to say, thank you
''man of honour''

Dad, so gentle, always guiding
We are so insecure in this journey
There is fear, fear everywhere
But like a coach, you turn our lives
Here, here and there

They say God is caring and I know
For he visited Adam, his son, below
You are always off to make life better
See dad, you are a creator, like the great father
He too, is a ''man of honour''

You were a good boy, I guess, you became a good man
Now a good father, or an old man
Can we be age mates? one more precious than gold
I love your choices, a blessed woman you woo
I love mum, but she is yours and mine too
I love you more, for you pampered me to forget soon

Did you read mathematics and hieroglyphics?
Even my own diagrams I figure them not
But here you come, my helping friend
Sometimes I had them wrong
But they told me you are still strong

For trying a question in our era

You remember the visits at boarding school
Why did you buy me gari, sugar and cold tea?
I only needed to marry, or something at big sea

But you knew better than me,
Your choices never fail
You are behind the joy of dinner
And I celebrate you
''man of honour''

You created my future
I owe you and there're still debts to pay
Everything will fade but a treasure that will stay
A precious company I give, like contemporaries
You deserve more
So I celebrate you today
''man of honour''

Author: Ntim Gyakari


King | 6/19/2021 12:53:14 PM


Vivian | 6/19/2021 12:56:27 PM

good one bro

Enoch | 6/19/2021 1:04:51 PM

Man of Honour, you have a palace full of good words. Nice piece.


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