A Foul Play

Thou art helm of affairs
But farthest from a father 
That corrupt soul
runneth from duty

Thou royal python
Our loyal devourer 
Dissipateth our grace 
Thus hath lost face 

Flog that dead horse
Our future is his seat
Hold his tail and pull 
Lest, he takes repose 

Unto those smoking his pipe
Alloweth us ‘dirty ourselves’
The murderers cometh
They’ll shoot and kill

Time it is to act 
We’re all not safe 
Arise people. Arise!
This is a necessary evil

By Yours Only,
Abdul Rahman Odoi (@Big Odoi)
Edited by Hafiz Laryea
All rights reserved.©️2021

Photo credit: IamGanyobi GiNolla

Author: Iamganyobi Ginolla

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