Defending Mother Earth!

I will defend Mother Earth .

I will defend Mother Earth with my strength and intelligence.

I promise to defend Mother Earth from her enemies.

Many are they who have treated Mother Earth cruelly.

They have destroyed our vegetation.

Their greediness have resulted in the destruction of our water bodies.

As I speak, Galamseyers are at work.

Their indiscriminate pollution of water bodies have endangered the lives of fishes and animals.

Where do we go from Earth?

Mother Earth too has a right. We have taken this from her.

Nature is in great pain. It is my duty to relieve her off her pain.

Imagine what we have brought upon ourselves. The droughtness we are facing as people. We have caused it.

The sea is full of rubber bags. Our water bodies are no longer drinkable.

Farmers can no longer produce food stuffs. The soil rejects everything we plant.

Hunger, complete famine is what I see.

Mother Earth is in pain. She is crying out for justice, and I promise to give her justice.

I will defend Mother Earth! Consider the heavy scourging sun, and how it has made life uncomfortable for us.

Where do we go from here should Mother Earth rejects us?

Is Mars or Uranus an option? There is no other option, I know of apart from Mother Earth.

Mother Earth, you are the best possible place that supports human life.

You who have supported the lives of many ancient Giants! You who have held us firmly like eggs!

I make a promise to you today: that I will defend and protect you with my strength and intelligence.

I love you, Mother Earth.

(Poem by Emmanuel Graham Nyameke.)

Author: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke

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