His Resurrection, An Opportunity For Our Correction

His life, King Herod tried to kill
Because of His purpose, He grew still.
His reputation and universal fame,
Pontius Pilate tried hard to tame.
He was wrongly assulted
To save sinful us, whom He never consulted.
He was undeservedly nailed
Yet, as a true Messiah, He was hailed.
He was mercilessly crucified
Yet, His name and life was glorified.
They tried hiding Him in the grave
But he was quick to resurrect that we may get save
His life has taught us a great lesson
That the enemy cannot destroy God's ordained person

In spite of all that He went through,
He stood to give us a break through
Notwithstanding all His earthly pain
He arose to grant us eternal gain.

Lord, we are sorry that we have become like Herod
Our lifestyle show we daily kill you aloud
We are sorry  that we doubt you with our little faith
Unable to stand with you, we give you away like Pontius Pilate
Our shame of preaching your word means we are not brave
So like the Pharisees and Sadducees, we each day put you in the grave

Lord, as we remember your resurrection,
Grant us the strength towards perfection
In such a moment, help us to come to a reflection
May the flow of your blood erase our imperfection

Lord we are so sorry
For contributing to your painful annual death story.


By Poet Shaddy

Posted by: Poet Shaddy

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