Rob Writes… The Easter Sonnet (the Dead, Risen And Living Lamb)

The hand that was fully stretched; to raise thee uphill and redeem thy soul

From the arrows, the darts and the deep deep clutches of sins

With the indelible stained blood which lives yet isn’t scooped with my bowl

The vultures cast their lots under his cross while he bled from their pins.


You thought about me, yes! He thinks about us

Couldn’t he have tossed, lashed, slashed, sliced and steamed them

As a mother kicks a cheating father and plays a fuss?

He kept his cool, suffered for me without striking with a hem.


My savior came, he lived, preached, redeemed, rebuked and died

He rose again, silenced the Thomases and dashed their expectations

Though they louvered to get at him to the cross, he never lied

Knowing that on that day, he will issue great felicitations.


High on the cross was he slain, slain, deeply slain as is a lamb

Yet he endured, died, rose and is alive; the living lamb.





By Richard Osei Boateng || Rob

Posted by: Richard Osei Boateng || Rob

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