Today, Today, Today.
Today is the right time .
Today is now or never.
Today is the best time to make your decisions.
Every moment is today.
Yesterday is today, tomorrow is today, the days, weeks,months and years

that are yet to come is today.
Today is the right moment to take every positive decision.

Time spent is never gain back
Never postpone today make good use of today for tomorrow comes with it

problems try and face todays problem and prepare for that of tomorrow.

Today is the best moment to take the bold decisions your success

tomorrow depend on today and every achievement depend on the decisions

you take today.
Today,Today, Today
Great achievers are they that made good use of their today.

Today, Today,Today.
Today is the best moment in everyones life.
Your future depends on today many people fail because they fail to

make good use of their time today.
Procastination they say is a thief of time never postpone todays

problem to tomorrow because tomorrow also come with its problem.

Today is the right time to plan the future many sit to say their

tomorrow must be greater than today but before it can come to pass it

depends on how they work on their today for the life span of every

building depends on how strong the foundation is; So is life.

Your future depends on today. Workout your today well and your

tomorrow shall be greater, bright and successful than the days already

Redeemer Kwasi Writes ©

By Kukubor Redeemer Kwasi

Posted by: Kukubor Redeemer Kwasi

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