Abusive Sperm -A Poem On Violence Against Women

In the wash of a new light,
His presence dim golden threads of morning aura blowing through the window of my heart


Every facet of my personality denigrated by his stingy abusive hands of insanity
Smothered with pain & fear,

I climbed steepy cliffs to unravel myself from the limbs of vituperation

As the morning hue of your dazzling smile bloom as dahlias,
As the willow warbler whisper natural lullabies & fill your lungs with fresh air,
Before your self-esteem erodes & your bright feathered plume evaporates into oblivion,
Before his sperms cast a spell on your womanhood,

Don’t forfeit your dignity


Run before he liquidates the sweetness that resonates within you and return your grieved soul to Earth’s embrace
In a world of withered love,

May your feet tread lightly over the soils that support new spring growth

By Enoch Quaye

Posted by: Enoch Quaye


Collins | 5/27/2021 10:32:07 PM

Wise one


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