N'na -My Mother


You maned me nine moons;

You are a woman;

You are a mother and best;

You are curing as heavens;

You are luring as maidens;

You owe me no coin;

I owe you the dollars;


You coughed sporadically;

Unappetising for a sumptuous;

You salivate for clay;

You spit unwittingly;

You vomit looking wishy-washy;

You have nightmares;

All awake night at dusk

The time no bellbird heard


In and out of your womb l see you:

My horse

My donkey

My parasol

My kangaroo

My Canopy

My roof

My home

My bed

My dustbin

My security

My army leader

My life anchor

My placenta

My all in all


I can't forget your love;

I can't stop eulogising;

And a mirror of all women

And a mirror of all mothers


You care for me;

You wipe off my tears;

You wipe off my phlegm;

You cure my catarrh;

You cure my diarrhea;

Hidden herbs you fetch;

Hills top you climb;

And get them home

And get them boiled

Just to rescue an unnamed


There is no medical;

There is no physician;

Yet l get cured of the undesirable;

And heal of the curable


When shall these memories go off my mental;

As they linger around

Deep in my skull

Where your images are

As they ring copiously

And l say thank you mum;

As a return awaits you Mum


  Live indelibly

  N'na' N'na ' N'na


March 2021

By Emmanuel Gulari

Posted by: Emmanuel Gulari

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