A Song For Independence

Living in the Land of Scary
Lived Three scores and counting another decade
Over land of darkness and tiredness
Impossibilities of Possible
Greed and Splendor in the midst of Murk and Poverty
Talk Rattle On; Blather Blither
Complain Grumble Moan Bleat
Agonise Fret Fuss Brood
Weep Whimper Whine Lament
Sorrow Dejection Depression Misery
A Land whopping in Plastic Rubbish
Nothing Materializes
Mitigation of Injustice by a Few
Charitable or Not, Desolation still remains
Dedicated people, Yeah We hear
Injustice, Inequality, Iniquity Unethicality
Ignorance Incomprehension
Why do well-meaning charitable people vote for Injustice
Why the sacrifices if not for general good
We don’t have to sit on our Oasis
Nothing achievable Doing Nothing
Something achievable Doing Existent
Get up Grow up
Moan No more
Time for Action
Today and Not Tomorrow
To Overcome
The Cause of Perfection
In the only WORLD we have
To Mobilise More than Ever
As a Class of Industrious People
Committed to the General Good
Yeah that was NKRUMAH’S Independence
The Shine Must Not Die
Let leave Together For Tomorrow
Die a Little That Others Might Live
That is the Cause of Unity of Purpose
Salvation beyond Domination
Equality and Justice
For All Homo Sapiens
That have come a Long Way
Over Billions of Years
Only Way of Success
By Nyeya Yen (A Native Son)

By Nyeya Yen (a Native Son)

Posted by: Nyeya Yen (a Native Son)


Derrick | 3/12/2021 6:04:49 PM

Nice piece


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