I Believe Ghana

I believe Ghana is made for the best for humanity

We shall surely soar higher and higher till eternity

Yes, I believe this nation has and will sail through

I believe we need to weld together our efforts

Such as no man can stand or dismiss the courts


I believe smiling at a northerner is the miracle

Or a joke with a southerner builds a pinnacle

Work with the westerner, and have fun

A hand in hand with an easterner drops gun

You can call this an optimist creed

Or better still, a promising seed


Fighting with one another is the greatest obstacle

I believe when we look into our eyes and say

‘’we are one and all, fighting till that great day’’

Certainly fortune can never hide her grace from us

I believe we need to board oneness, that omnibus

I believe we are getting there

And this is not wishful thinking


Do you know what we have?

Gold, diamond, manganese and oil

Cocoa, cotton, cashew and soil

I believe that good captain to steer the rudder

Lives just closer than we ever thought

Me, I strongly believe no one can fight our battles

If we run from everyone including the beetles

I believe we can make everything in Ghana doubles

Never think by trying, we are calling forth troubles


Has some one believed?

Yes, I believe the walk to the Promised Land

Goes through wild and wilderness, even the hot sand

I believe destinies ignite if we shovel greediness

Let’s do it the ant’s way, bit and bit in summer

Not as the clubman may, just sit and hammer



I believe there are more roads to travel

Which when discovered, many like you will marvel

Pick your tool, weapon or your cool

Face the future, today and tomorrow, make do

I believe it’s a promise and a great pledge like ado

Never relax in the joys of rivers, the big ocean lies here

And Ghana has more successes than ever


I just believe we will get out soon

We can’t stay only enjoying the moon

I believe we must work the heat of the sun as well

And one day, like the long awaited closing bell

Ghana can jump out and say we are the gateway

And announce that a great change is here today.


I believe with confidence, our memories will not fail

Tomorrow when we want to recall that great bail

I believe the young we are cultivating

Will grow so beautiful and motivating

I believe, the globe shall fall on us for leadership

So let’s water and cater


Not long ago, I received a letter

This said Ghana is too late for anything better

I burnt that letter, I threw it into flames

Remember, we are not building on

Some one’s glow but on our own blow

 We are sent to make it better either today

Or more glitter tomorrow or in that day

I took a good look at the letter, and shouted

To my soul’’ only believe’’


And sure, I believe a transformation is sweeping

 After this, our minds will see a renewal

I believe orthodox attitudes are picking a revival

And a new doctrine is underway coming to save us

I believe the doctrine of humility, and diligence

The doctrine of selflessness, and indulgence

I believe with the doctrine of courage and confidence

Plus the doctrine of political suffrage and providence

 We will be at rest soon


I believe the culture of honesty and loyalty can sell

Greed, pilferage and corruption has never paid well

Not even theft and extortion can any mouth tell

I believe when we stop deceiving ourselves 

Thinking we are smart and cheating the shelves

I strongly believe, when justice becomes a friend to all

Realities will make the noise


I believe workers must be given fair and equitable wages

If the toil of one becomes the spoil of another,

Then have we suffered for nothing

I believe taxation is a two way responsibility,

One must pay and another must utilize a good duty

I believe we will build a GDP that is note worthy

And standard of living that saves more money

 I believe Ghana will be a model economy to the world

This I believe. 


Writer: Ntim Gyakari

By Ntim Gyakari

Posted by: Ntim Gyakari


Derrick | 3/12/2021 6:05:59 PM

Nice piece of work


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